Your personal commitment: Sponsorship and Financial Participation

Through a series of almost unbelievable coincidences,
I can now make my dream come true:
To build a small, tailor-made residence.

Here in The Philippines.
We are going to practice
new forms of hospitality.
Also, new ways of how to using energy the best are shown.
That could only happen by working together with a unique,
versatile Filipino family who supports me

with all their abilities and combined strengths.
And their long-time experiences in designing, constructing, and building.

Donations in kind
You are also welcome to get involved personally with all kinds of donations in kind.
This applies to items of clothing for children up to the elderly.
You are also welcome to provide hardware for our energy concept.
We are thankful for everything. Here is our shipping address:
Purok 7
8119 Cogon
Island Garden City of Samal
Tel Carmel (English and Filipino): +63 9281596185
Tel Arno (English and Deutsch): +63 9560974135

From Germany, for example, there are special groupware shipment loads available, which are very inexpensive.
Your possibilities and our wishes can be discussed at any time,
we are also open for surprises of any kind.

Donate money
At this time, I am currently funding the entire project here from my own pocket.
And at no time did I think of using any governmental or other financial support.
If you think now:
“Hey, that’s a good thing, I’m ready to “help”!”
Just let me know, and you`ll get a German or a Filipino bank account.
Rest assured, your money is in safe hands here.
And it will be, without any administrative or other costs,
invested 100% in this unique and once-in-a-lifetime project.

Regarding your participation through personal visits in the form of hotel-stays or long-term stays or through investments in further, your individually, own houses to be built by us, please look here: