How to book and how to invest with us?

If you want to leave your home country
and are probably thinking of heading to a better destination?
We have now several options, how to do it.

It is quite easy and needs just a few small steps, which need to be taken.
Just as I did it in December 2019, when we started here,

without knowing what to expect.
The outcome here was and is far beyond my expectations.
So will be yours!

1.) Book a Hotel Stay
The easiest thing is to just use one of our houses for a hotel stay.
Reservations are taken from now-on.
The “Soft Opening” was originally planned to be in late August / early October 2020. Due to Corona restrictions, this touristic usage will be postponed.
We have a one-bed house, a two-bed house, and a studio house.

The hotel rental prices, should the international air-traffic hopefully soon resume, include our Full-Service Package:
Expect to pay around 100 EUR / 110 USD per night.
Everything that you can only imagine is already included.
And a bit more. A timely reservation ensures your stay:

2.) Long term renting
Those of you who want to spend an extremely pleasant retirement-time
in a quiet, delightful, and enjoyable environment at oversee-able costs here,
there are unlimited advantages.
Take pride in enjoying the advantages of a unique family connection,
which is only possible in Asian regions.
Our “Full-Service Package” offers all you can imagine, and even a bit more.
You will get an unimaginable feel-good factor with the highest quality of life,
from our team. Which is a bit difficult to describe but easy to experience.
Just come here.
If you like what we offer you here, we will also help you with getting a
Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) for The Philippines.
This is a special non-immigrant visa for foreign nationals
who would like to make the Philippines their second home.
This is easy to get.
For the first 30 days, you get a “Visa upon Arrival”,
at the airport where you enter the Philippines, which is free.
It can be prolonged here easily for the next two months without any problems
We know, how to get it and help you, to achieve it.
Our support is of course free-of-charge for our guests.

3.) Sunny Houses @ Samal island as an investment destination
Our project is also interesting to those who might consider
investing here in these unpredictable times.
There are many acres of available property around ours…
Starting from 2.000m² to 20.000m² and above
We can build your individual house according to your personal wishes
and your individual ideas! From 40 sq. meters to anything you can even dream of.
All can happen according to your available budget!
Foreigners can not buy properties in the Philippines, just Condos are allowed.
We know, by our own experience, how you can still make safe investments.
Secured by the realities. And by the persons involved on both sides.
It`s all a matter of trust. And not of nerve-wracking paperwork.
Nobody needs that.
We have an experienced team of specialists including architects, structural engineers, site managers, logistics specialists, craftsmen from all disciplines, bricklayers, locksmiths, welders, woodworkers, painters, windows builders,
and electricians. All in one hand and excellent managed.
In fact, they are all from ONE family.
You will only have one contact person, which is me.
We will coordinate all the rest for you on-site.
Including all administrative procedures
that we would be happy to take care of for you.

4.) There is a once in a life-time opportunity
The once-in-a-lifetime offer is, that somebody, who wants to invest in our ideas can still join us now.
With the opportunity to build three additional houses.
We have now four of them in progress, but the approved Building Permits
are valid for seven houses…
Just get in touch with me, and let us talk about the possibilities.
We are flexible. Based on your available budget, we can discuss,
what you want, what we can offer, and what we can make out of it.
Rather stress-free and fruitfully for you and your family.
Intended as an integrated part of the community:
Sunny Houses @ Samal Island
with the common Clubhouse in the middle.
Our experienced team will always be there,
in the construction phase.
The same people will also be responsible for the operational phase.
Taking care of your`s and your future guest’s needs.
We all are at your disposal for the years ahead of a pleasant
and fruitfully co-operation
Your satisfaction and return of investment will be guaranteed…

Check the progress regularly on our exclusive YouTube Channel: