Welcome to Sunny Houses @ Samal Island

Here you can follow the history of our Sunny Houses @ Samal Island
from the beginning in January 2020.
We have now built
Two 1-Bedroom Houses: “Saturn”, and: “Earth”,
One XXL 1-Bedroom-House: “Jupiter”.
And one 2-Bedroom House: “Mars”.
The Clubhouse: “The Sun” for events is in the middle.
With “Neptune”, we have our own Utility House.
Originally, these houses were intended to be rented by interested people
from all over the world as peaceful, remote, and interesting retirement places.
Serving our potential guests with a new form of hospitality.
Due to the Corona restrictions, this is not possible at this time.
So the houses are rented to families from our staff.
We will, however, also provide a new energy concept for all to see!
Our great swimming pool 5 meters by 5 meters is in the making.
There are also some individual possibilities to participate personally
at this unique family-owned and operated enterprise.
Just get in touch with us.
I have moved into our first 1-Bedroom House “Saturn” on August 28, 2020.
We are now also working on new ideas, how to use the talents here,
once our Phase One Building-Stage is finished.
Just stay tuned, soon, you`ll read some news about that.