Our Houses at your disposal

We offer various houses – check our single pages for more information:

All our houses are fully furnished with luxury bathrooms
and an equipped kitchen for daily usage. For the kids,
we have Mezzanines in each house, in the Studio-Room-House,
there are even two.
The houses are using mostly low voltage DC appliances,
with very little Wattage. Supplied by our own unique tailor-made
hybrid Solar- and Wind-System.
We will use the 230 Volts, 60 Hz power-supply from the Philippinian grid
just as a back-up.
Our guests can enjoy their fresh water from our own on-site water-well.
Sewage water will be recycled and multiple used.
To keep our independence high and the operating cost low.
All houses have their own and private outdoor area. Here, step by step,
individual outdoor solar-kitchens, outdoor showers,
and other relaxation options will be built.
Also, private gardening areas are included, to grow your own fruits,
vegetables, and flowers.
It will all be landscaped individually for each house separately,
inline with what nature offers us here on our property …